Business & Enterprise

Mission Statement

As a Business and Enterprise School St Nicholas School seeks to embrace the challenge and opportunities presented by the evolving global, national and local economies, for the benefit of its students and the wider community by improving the quality of teaching and learning across all areas of the curriculum, and in particular in Business Studies, ICT, Maths and MFL.

The school will be permeated by a growing appreciation of the increasingly global nature of society, and business in particular; students will explore issues of economic interdependence in partnership with our community partners and sponsors.

The school will contribute to improving the quality of life and enhancing the range of economic opportunity available to those who have retired, the young disabled and the young unemployed locally. This involvement of minority and disadvantaged groups will facilitate their inclusion in life long learning and wealth creating opportunities.

Students will continue to extend their understanding of the nature of their wider social responsibilities. They will encounter the moral and ethical dimensions inherent in economic decision making processes and have the opportunity to exercise their judgment both in relation to ‘real’ world case studies and activities designed for the purpose.

Through the influence of our own School Eco Group and other organisations, matters of sustainability, creative regeneration and healthy living will be addressed across the school community.

The School will encourage the development of self-confidence, creativity, flexibility and adaptability in all its stakeholders. Our young people will be challenged to develop their understanding of what it means to be a consumer, a producer, an entrepreneur and an adviser in the dynamic enterprise culture of the 21st Century. The development of a strong ethos of entrepreneurial and business acumen will enhance student attainment across the curriculum and encourage the study of new technologies and their application.

The specialist subject areas of Business Education, ICT, Mathematics and Modern Foreign Languages will be a focus for the acquisition of a wider range of skills including team working, mind-friendly learning, evaluation techniques, decision making processes, problem solving, communication and working within a culture of deadlines. The school will improve the levels of attainment of students within these specialist areas and extend the range of related extra-curricular activities; in doing so the number of students engaged in these areas of the curriculum will be increased.

The school will facilitate an increased access to facilities and expertise with our community partners, the promotion and sharing of good professional practice will be a feature of our links with them, as will our commitment to being an inclusive community.

We intend to be a more dynamic, higher achieving community, our increased emphasis on improving the quality of learning in our school, blended with a Business and Enterprise culture will transform our role in the community, so that we can offer proof positive that we are committed to all the principles of Specialist Schools. St Nicholas Catholic High School unashamedly strives to be a world-class school; Business Enterprise Specialist Status is helping us get there.

St Nicholas Catholic High School was inspected by Ofsted on 6th and 7th July 2011. Ofsted found that St Nicholas' is an Outstanding school!
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