St. Nicholas Catholic High School

Extra Curricular Activities

In addition to the normal school curriculum there is a range of out of school activities providing additional opportunities for the pursuit of individual interests. The list of activities is being continually extended.

The school choir, concert band, orchestra and ensembles give public performances throughout the year, including competition appearances. More than 120 students are currently having instrumental tuition each week. The programme provides tuition in a minimum of twelve instruments. The choir undertakes both national and international tours.

Parents are asked to encourage their children, where it is possible, to take advantage of these activities. No child is allowed to stay behind after school without first obtaining parent's permission. It is the responsibility of the student to inform parents in advance of any delay arriving home because of out of school activity.

There are also organised school trips that include theatre visits, geographical fieldwork and journeys abroad. All students will have an opportunity to experience a retreat activity. Year 7 students attend a residential course at the Conway Centre, Anglesey as part of their foundation year.

As part of the Sixth Form Social and Moral Education course all students are active in projects that help to serve the school and the wider community.

St Nicholas Catholic High School was inspected by Ofsted on 6th and 7th July 2011. Ofsted found that St Nicholas' is an Outstanding school!
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