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We believe that the best results are achieved with effort and preparation

At St. Nicholas School Association, we are commited to provide the best courses and classes for English learners from all around the world. We are dedicated and passionate teachers and trainers with years of combined experience, who once invisioned an outstanding English academy where greatness can be achieved. We have joined our knowledge and combined our effort to make this vision come true, and as a result, we welcome you to St. Nicholas School Association. 

We are currently located at Sutton Coldfield, a lovely town in the West Midlands, where foreign studends can have a comprehensive learning experience combining classes with the best teachers in the area, and real life experiences and encounters with the uttermost true British culture. We organize trips to Wales and London in order to further immerse the students in the culture of the United Kingdom, where the English language was once born. When you enlist in St. Nicholas School Association, you access a comprehensive learning experience that will forever change your point of view, expanding your horizons and helping you become a citizen of the world.

Our comprehensive learning system combines the strongest aspects of the two most effective methods for learning any language.

Classroom lessons

Cultural immersion

We offer courses aimed to help you learn and practice all aspects of the English language, from the most basic of all to deep and comprehensive classes on specific vocabulary, regional English and conversational practices on a variety of topics. We have an outstanding staff of highly trained teachers, as well as gather students from all over the world who travel to the United Kingdom to further develop their English skills. We keep the atmosphere in the classes entertaining, friendly and highly productive, so every hour you spend at St. Nicholas School Association you will be learning valuable lessons that you will be able to apply later in life in a wide variety of situations, both expected and unexpected. 

Book a lesson today and get started with your next adventure! You will make friends and share fun moments learning the English language with our teachers at St. Nicholas School Association.

If you travel all the way to the United Kingdom to learn and practice your English, we don't want you to stay indoor all week, taking class after class but never getting in contact with the actual culture of the UK. When you come to St. Nicholas School Association, you get more than just that.

We organize trips and visits around Sutton Coldfield as well as important places in the United Kingdom, such as London, Manchester, Liverpool and Cardiff. You can practice your English skills in a real British environment as well as get in closer contact with our culture. Studies show that immersive approaches are a great complement for a traditional learning scheme, so with these trips you will learn English the right way. Make the most out of your trip and find new friends in the United Kingdom!

Building Excelence for ESOL Every Year

We cover all levels from basic to advanced, and offer weelky and monthly crash courses as well as regular, year-long courses. When you come to St. Nicholas School Association, you can choose the schedule and load that is most convenient for your interest, your convienience and your time as a student in the UK. You are welcome here, we are glad to have you.

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Where To Find A Free Online English Test

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The best combination of traditional values and modern teaching techniques for a competitive learning experience.

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